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McLean Gladstone Valuers are specialists in Family Law and legal valuations.

It is our role to provide an unbiased report to determine the market value of a property in most cases at  the present value, however not uncommonly at a previous date or dates  ie  when parties to a relationship cohabited, ended a relationship or such like.

  • When commissioning a Valuer for an accurate valuation the most important aspect is the experience of the Valuer and their capacity to provide a report that is relevant to your needs.

  • The capacity of your Valuer to provide an accurate and dependable report is paramount in you being able to support your argument and get the result you believe is fair and equitable.


A property valuation is an important document to hold in a court room when a property's current market value has become a matter of legal dispute. It will give you the property information you need.

  • Our reports are aligned with our clients and legislative requirements.  

  • Our Valuer has experience in providing evidence as an expert eye witness in legal disputes.


The process that the Government can use to obtain an interest in land anywhere in Australia. 

Compulsory acquisition can be used whether or not an owner is willing to sell their interest in the land, when the land has no title, when an owner has difficulty establishing proof of title, or even if the owner cannot be found. 

  • Even if you are willing to sell your land to the Government, you can still ask to have your land acquired by the compulsory process.

  • The compulsory process provides additional protection to your rights, but may take more time for the final compensation amount to be determined. However, it also means that the amount of compensation may be reviewed. 

  • Our Valuers have many years of experience in dealing with compulsory acquisition valuations and have in the past valued many properties involved in acquisition. These include The South Road Upgrade Project at both Darlington and the Torrens to Torrens section, The Northern Expressway and The Gawler East Road Link. 


To comply with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, applying for a permanent or temporary visa, it is mandatory to provide a formal valuation report stating current fair market value or retrospective valueon any properties belonging to the applicant.

  • Our reports comply with the Australian Government requirements.

  • We provide reports to private clients directly, as well as immigration agents.

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