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1.  The Director of McLean Gladstone Pty. Ltd. since September 1998.


2. Prior to the position of Director, Jeremy was employed as a Senior Valuer for                               R.M.Gladstone Pty. Ltd. (later McLean Gladstone Pty. Ltd.) from 1983. 

     R.M. Gladstone was a company based in Adelaide and specialised in the valuation of real       estate, plant and  equipment, furniture and effects and property consultancy.


3.  Professional qualifications are as follows:

  • Graduated with a Degree in Bachelor of Applied Science in Valuation from South Australian Institute of Technology in 1983.

  • Admitted as an Associate Member of the  Australian Institute of Valuers Incorporated (later renamed Australian Property Institute) in 1985.

  • Licensed Valuer in South Australia since 1985 and trainee valuer from 1983 until 1985; Valuer in South Australia under the Valuers Act 1994.Member of the Valuers Division of the South Australian Real Estate Institute since 1983.

  • Certificate of Horticulture from Adelaide Botanic Gardens in 1977- 1979.


4.  From 1977 – 1979 Jeremy was employed as a trainee Horticulturalist with the Adelaide         Botanic Gardens.  During that time, he studied Certificate of Horticulture which                         gave him a broad knowledge of plant and land biodiversity which has been extremely              important for valuation work.


5.  From 1979 – 1983  Jeremy was employed by various property developers and real                    estate agents.  His role was to provide research for all classes of properties including              residential, commercial, retail and rural properties.

6.  In September 1983 Jeremy commenced employment with R.M. Gladstone Pty. Ltd.                  (later McLean Gladstone Pty. Ltd.).  He became the Director of McLean Gladstone in                1998. During employment with McLean Gladstone Pty. Ltd. he undertook numerous                valuations of a wide range of properties in South Australia in all areas that include                    residential, commercial, industrial, rural properties and business interests, plant and              equipment.

7.  Jeremy has been instructed in many matters involving litigation which have proceeded to      court.  He has given evidence in several jurisdictions including the Supreme Court, The            Family Court, the Federal Magistrates Court, District Court, South Australian Magistrates         Court.

8.  McLean Gladstone is on the panel of valuers for Beyond Bank Australia, Bank SA, Credit         Union SA, Credit Unions Australia and the two major Trustee Companies. Other banks             and financiers including Eastwood Securities, Vertex Funds Management , mortgage               lenders including private mortgage lenders accept McLean Gladstone's valuations.                   Jeremy is a panel Valuer for Consumer and Business Services (formerly O.C.B.A.) and               provides valuations for many local Councils.

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