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  1. Employee of McLean Gladstone Pty. Ltd. since February 2023.

  2. Professional qualifications are as follows:

  • Graduated with a Degree in Master of Property in 2021 from the University of Adelaide.

  • Member of the Australian Property Institute since 2020.

  • Enrolling in the Graduate Diploma of Property online course in Deakin University for further valuation certificate.


3.  Zane is employed as a trainee valuer/ intern with McLean Gladstone since October         2022. During this time, he is studying a broad valuation knowledge of residential,           commercial, development and department acquisitions, which has been extremely             important for further valuation work. From February 2023, he has been employed as         a valuer assistant with McLean Gladstone. Meanwhile, he has enrolled in accredited         courses by the Australian Property Institute for further valuation certificates and would         graduate in July 2024.

4.  McLean Gladstone is on the panel of valuers for Beyond Bank Australia, Bank SA,             Credit Union SA, Credit Unions Australia and the two major Trustee Companies.               Other banks and financiers including Eastwood Securities, Vertex Funds                           Management , mortgage lenders including private mortgage lenders accept                     McLean Gladstone's valuations. 

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