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McLean Gladstone Valuers provide an independent and professional service to all areas of South Australia that includes the Adelaide metropolitan area, country towns and cities and all rural areas.  Our services extend to the South East, Eyre and Yorke Peninsula, the Iron Triangle, Riverland, the Far North and Kangaroo Island. 

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Pre-sale, Mortgage Finance, Deceased Estates, Capital Gains tax implications, Family Transfers, Rental Reviews, Retirement Units. All Classes of residential real estate in all areas of South Australia.

commercial buildings
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industrial structure


Pre-sale, Mortgage finance, Taxation implications, Superannuation funds, Corporate, Consulting, Rental rates.

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​​Pre-sale, Mortgage finance, Taxation implications, Small to large scale agricultural holdings including specialised use, water leases, lifestyle, agistment and horticultural use, including vineyards, olive production etc.

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​​In conjunction with recommended business valuers and accountants, we provide real estate asset valuations for all purposes.


​​We provide valuations of specialised properties for all purposes. Please call our experienced valuers to discuss your specific requirements.

Here for Whatever You Need: Call on Our Independent Property Valuers


When might you need to call upon the assistance and considerable knowledge of independent property valuers? The most honest answer is probably something along the lines of, ‘more than you think.’ Having a property valuer whom you trust to deliver accurate and impartial property valuations on your speed dial is vital in many circumstances, whether you are buying or selling a property, working through a divorce or settling an estate. At McLean Gladstone Valuers, we are proud to offer a wide range of property valuation services for customers through South Australia.


Signs You Should Invest in a Certified Property Valuer

Our property valuers in South Australia regularly work with clients for a wide variety of reasons. Here are a few signs that a call to a trusted and certified property valuer may be well-placed:

  • You are buying a property. Any time you buy a piece of real estate—be it a primary home, a holiday house, an apartment, a commercial parcel of land, an industrial building or anything else, you should call upon a valuer for property. A thorough valuation process will tell you what the fair market value for the property is, save you from overpaying and perhaps even give you the power to negotiate a better price.Y

  • You are working through the death of a parent or loved one. The loss of a loved one is an emotionally trying time, even in the best of circumstances. It’s also a complicated time, thanks to the importance of carrying out matters related to estate valuation. A good valuer of property will provide sensitive and helpful services at this difficult time to assist you in determining the market value of a loved one’s home or property. Moreover, having these valuations can streamline and simplify the process of executing a will or selling a property that belonged to the deceased.

  • You are going through a divorce. Another painful process, a divorce is often complicated by debates about the value of marital assets and questions about who should maintain ownership of what. Hiring an independent property valuer to prepare an impartial valuation of marital real estate assets can help make for a less challenging conversation about asset division.


Problems McLean Gladstone Valuers Addresses Regarding Real Estate Valuers


If you’ve worked with real estate valuers in the past, you have hopefully always had a seamless and positive experience. If you haven’t, though, you are probably very serious about finding the right valuer for the job this time around. Here are a few common valuation-related pain points that our team at McLean Gladstone Valuers will work to eliminate from your experience:

  • Inaccurate or not-fully-impartial valuations. We are a certified property valuation company that has been operating for 70 years. We are a 100 percent independent, privately-owned business. We are members of the Australian Property Institute and the Real Estate Institute of South Australia Valuers Division. We make sure that the director of our company—or at very least, a valuer with at least 20 years of experience—double checks and signs off on every valuation we prepare. These quality controls help us ensure accuracy and impartiality with our property valuations.

  • Only certain property types supported. We are experienced in the valuation of all types of residential, commercial and industrial properties. Whether it’s a building or land, a house or a retail space, a waterfront property or an open field, you can count on us to provide a reliable valuation service. There is no type of property we do not support in our valuation services.

  • Slow turnaround times. We understand that some clients need to have their valuations turned around rapidly. We seek to be timely in everything we do, and can even offer turnaround times of as little as 48 hours if the client requires expediency.

Why Trust McLean Gladstone Valuers Regarding Valuer Property Services?


Between our longevity as a business, our versatility with different types of property valuations and the strong word-of-mouth we generate among our customers, you can count on us to do an A+ job as your independent property valuers. Contact us today to get started.

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