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McLean Gladstone Valuers is your trusted name in South Australia whenever you need a reliable residential property valuer. Our team of certified valuers offers an independent service based on our extensive knowledge of the area and our understanding of the local real estate market. We combine our professional service and quality care with extensive research to bring you accurate reports. 


New to the process? A residential valuation is an in-depth assessment of your property to attach an accurate value to it based on multiple factors. Our professional team considers the condition of the home, its location, the state of the local real estate market, and other attributes. Once we have completed our assessment, we provide you with a comprehensive report regarding the property’s true value. 

Do you need to determine the value of a property? Give us a call and get a free quote for your valuation.



Valuations should be carried out when splitting property assets to guarantee each owner is satisfied with the settlement result.

Dual and multi-property ownership is subject to ownership changes depending on an individual's personal situation.

  • We provide a valuation report reflecting the property's true fair market value in an accurate and professional report which complies with Australian Property Institute guidelines code of ethics.

Property Settlement


McLean Gladstone Valuers have been providing Residential Property Valuations for over 30 years, providing clients  with a professional report they required.

Formal valuations are required by most purchasers or mortgagees to ensure a fair market price was paid by the purchaser and to identify any unlikely problems. 

In most cases instructions to Valuers to undertake market valuations for mortgage and loan security purposes should be received from the lender and not from the borrower. 

  • Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we will be able to offer comprehensive advice to best cover your circumstance.



When purchasing or selling a property, it can often be difficult to agree on a price due to the emotional attachment to the property. Engaging a valuer can eliminate the stress and ensures you don't overpay for a property or under sell your property. 

  • Our reports are supported with  well researched current market evidence in the subject area.

  • Having a valuation report can allow you to compare with the agent's appraisal and provide you with peace of mind. 

Pre Sale


Retrospective valuations are prepared for determining tax implications from a previous date, matrimonial valuations at dates when parties either cohabited or married and other reasons.

Market evidence at previous dates is analysed to determine market forces and appropriate values at the specific date required. 

  • We have experience in providing accurate valuations for this purpose and have in the past provided a report for a value of a property at 1942.



To request a quote, please enter your details below, along with the subject property's address. Alternatively, please feel free to telephone for a quote.

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What You Can Expect from McLean Gladstone Valuers Regarding Residential Valuations

There are several life scenarios that might urge you to get an accurate valuation of your property. At this stage, our team of professionals, with decades of experience in the South Australian real estate, is ready to assist you. A few situations that might lead to such a need:

  • Financing. When you have found your dream home and need to apply for a mortgage, we are reliable residential valuers. Our formal valuation of your property will determine whether its price is fair and market-linked. 

  • Splitting assets. Our independent property valuers are capable and trusted by parties who want to split their dual asset. Our team can help all parties involved in multi-property ownership to feel confident that they will receive a fair sum for their shares in a property. 

  • Agreeing on a purchasing price. A pre-purchase valuation is a fair resolution to differences in opinion regarding the price of a piece of real estate. It gives the buyer the peace of mind that the price is market-related and the seller the confidence of selling for a fair price. 

What Sets McLean Gladstone Valuers Apart as Residential Valuers?

When you contact our office for assistance with your residential valuation, you don’t contact just any valuer: you partner with our trusted name and a reputation stretching back to the 1950s. 

  • We offer you a quick response and fast turnaround time. Our team will process your residential valuation in as little as 48 hours if needed.

  • Although we are always ready to be your trusted residential valuers in South Australia, that offering is only one aspect of a much broader range of services. You can also speak to us regarding development valuations and feasibility studies for hypothetical development. We can help with deceased estate valuations, valuations to settle land tax objections, and many other concerns.

  • We build our impeccable service on our professional diligence as independent valuers with our in-depth understanding of the local market. Coupling these advantages with our team’s extensive skill, we can deliver accurate reports that comply with relevant legislation.

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