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We value Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Retail Strata or Community Title properties for insurance purposes.

Our building insurance valuations comply with the required Community and Strata Titles Act 2012 requiring reports to state the full cost of replacing the buildings or improvements with new materials; and cover incidental costs such as demolition, site clearance and professional fees.

Building insurance valuations are required every five years, however, majority of clients request a valuation once every three years to protect against potential loss from under-insurance. This is due to the price changes in the building industry being quite unpredictable. Under insurance is a great concern for the strata corporation.  

If the improvements in the corporation are under insured, the insurer may only pay a portion of the replacement cost with the shortfall potentially being paid by the owners.    

  • We also offer a yearly report to take account of annual inflation of building and professional costs.

  • Our reports specify the particular components that are essential in building insurance valuations including demolition costs, council and other professional fees, escalation in constructions costs, g.s.t. with a minimum catastrophe cover allowance.

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Get a Reliable Insurance Valuation from Our Professionals Today

When you need an excellent team to help you with an insurance valuation, why not come to us? We boast a long history of satisfied clients and excellent customer service. When you choose McLean Gladstone Valuers, you choose the accurate valuation results you deserve.

What Sets Us Apart When You Need an Insurance Valuation for Property


To help you understand what sets us apart from our competitors when you need a house valuation for insurance purposes, here’s what we believe keeps us a step ahead:

  • We bring more than 70 years of experience to the table, so you know you’ll deal with veterans when you choose us. We know the process like the backs of our hands and will always provide efficient service.

  • We are SA based and understand the area’s market, unlike any other. We can provide accurate reports based on location as well as your property to ensure you get the valuation results you deserve.

  • We provide our services for development, matrimonial, commercial, retail, insurance, legal, retirement- or deceased estate valuations and more.

When you get your insurance valuation for a property, you want to ensure you get it from professionals that have been around the block. We offer more than 70 years of experience, an excellent understanding of the SA area, and valuation services for a wide range of industries. Choosing us will always be an excellent choice.


The Importance of Using an Insurance Valuation for Property 


Understanding why a house valuation for insurance purposes is essential is the first step to making the right decisions, which is why we put together a few quick tips to help you:

  • Getting your home valued before you take out insurance is the best way to ensure your home is not underinsured should something unexpected occur. Few things are more frustrating than realising you could have done something about a low insurance pay-out beforehand.

  • It is the best way to ensure your insurance stays up to date. Getting your home valued once is good for insurance, but you will no doubt add on to your home over time. Whether this is in the form of building or refurbishing, you should always get valuations after significant changes to ensure everything is relevant and up to date.

  • It shows potential future buyers that you took pride in your home and looked after it well. When you make sure that the correct team handles your insurance valuation, it helps not only you but anyone buying the house from you in the future.


About Us and Our Services for a House Valuation for Insurance Purposes


Started in the mid-1950s as R.M Gladstone Pty Ltd., a name change occurred in the late 1980s that would solidify our business’s goals and operations going forward. We provide a personalised service to all our clients to ensure they get the accurate valuations they deserve.

Call us today and get reliable reports from a business with more than seven decades of experience.

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