DIVORCE / DE FACTO Valuation to Get a Fair Result


An expert property valuer at your side can make all the difference in a divorce proceeding. Having a fair divorce valuation is paramount for you to be able to support your argument and get the result you believe is fair and equitable. When you are valuing assets for divorce, you want to make sure to rely on the professionals who provide valuations for most lawyers in Adelaide.  
McLean Gladstone Valuers are specialists in property valuations for Family Law and separation proceedings. It is our role to provide an unbiased divorce valuation report, to determine the market value of a property co-owned by a couple going through a separation.
  • When commissioning a Valuer for an accurate valuation the most important aspect is the experience of the Valuer and their capacity to provide a report that is relevant to your needs.

  • The capacity of your Valuer to provide an accurate and dependable report is paramount in you being able to support your argument and get the result you believe is fair and equitable.

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Our Accurate Matrimonial Valuations Bring Fairness to Negotiations

McLean Gladstone Valuers has extensive experience with the impact of family law. Our unbiased matrimonial valuations are one of the many ways we assist you during stressful times. When you contact our team of professional property valuers in South Australia, we will respect your need to get this process underway quickly and secure accurate results.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Property Valuation for a Divorce Settlement

Parting ways with a life partner is never easy. Unfortunately, the process can be riddled with unnecessary conflict due to financial stress, often fuelled by splitting assets. A few pitfalls:

  • Getting caught up in emotions. We care for your needs and understand that you are facing a life stage during which it can be challenging to disengage from the emotional aspects of your separation. You might have made a property investment with your partner during happier times, but now, you must dissolve the dual ownership fairly. Our team offers professional care for your needs when we perform our house valuation for your divorce settlement. Our in-depth report can help to give you the peace of mind that you need for the process to move forward. 

  • Neglecting to get an official property settlement valuations. As time goes by, your property investment might increase or decrease in value. Considering the initial purchase price of the property as an accurate valuation of the estate is a mistake. Multiple factors influence the value of your property, which is why it is best to get an updated valuation from a reputable name in the industry and an unbiased report. A valuation partner will determine the current value of your property and a fair settlement price. 

  • Not thinking about future finances. You may feel an urge to rush through the process, but you do need to focus on fairness and financial certainty rather than simply making a break. Your property is most likely the biggest asset that you own and an investment in your future. Care for your financial future by engaging an unbiased assessment. Instead of rushing forward, speak to us: we can complete divorce valuations in as little as 48 hours if required, giving you an objective report quickly.

Ordering a professional valuation of your investment can help to bring greater financial security to your future—even during an uncertain or stressful present. 


Related Services We Provide to a House Valuation for Divorce Purposes 

Our team offers a range of niche valuation services that you can rely on:

  • You can speak to us about commercial valuations. Our portfolio includes the valuation of assets such as structures, improvements, buildings, and land for financial reporting. Our valuation reports comply with the guidelines set by the Australian Accounting Standards Board. 

  • If you consider the tax levies on your land to be unfair, there are specific procedures that you must adhere to when submitting a valid objection. You can task our team to assist you with confidence in our proficiency in dealing with government institutions. We can ensure that your objection reaches the State Valuation Office within 60 days after you receive your Notice of Land Tax Assessment. 

  • Are you planning on purchasing your dream home with the assistance of a mortgage? You’ll need a residential valuation. Through in-depth research as well as consideration of the state of the property, trends in the local real estate market, and comparisons with similar estate values, we can confirm that your purchase is market-reflective.

About McLean Gladstone Valuers

Since 1953, we have been a trusted name in property valuation in South Australia. Our team of highly skilled professionals offers a friendly service and cares diligently for your needs. For 70 years, we’ve built a reputation with consistent, high-quality care as local valuers.

You can give us a call to discuss your valuation requirements. 


An Independent Divorce Valuation

When commissioning a property valuer for an accurate valuation, the most important aspect to look for is the experience of the valuer. Your valuation is only as accurate and dependable as the valuers putting together the report.


Here at McLean Gladstone Valuers, we offer more than 70 years of experience in matrimonial valuations. We have spent our decades in business honing an excellent understanding of the real estate markets of South Australia.


No matter your specific requirements, we have the capacity to provide a report that is relevant to your needs.

Professional Divorce Valuation of Assets

Unlike real estate agents or auctioneers, property valuers are certified to make judgements on the value of a property for divorce proceedings.


A matrimonial valuation by a certified valuer can be relied upon legally to be accurate, unlike the much looser price guides given by real estate agents. They are the specified professionals for family law property valuations.


McLean Gladstone Valuers draws upon decades of experience and expertise in family law valuation, to give an accurate estimate of the property value.

Valuing Assets in a Divorce Proceeding

In our capacity as property valuers, McLean Gladstone Valuers is often called upon to act as an expert witness in Family Law.


It's unusual for a couple in the midst of separation to agree on asset valuation - not without the help of an expert's assessment. Not to mention, having an impartial outsider to be involved can help to avoid many of the emotional costs of going through a divorce.


Our independent valuations for divorce provide clarity at a time it is sorely needed and helps to resolve disputes or prevent their escalation. Having a valuation in place can also make sure that all parties involved have their fair share.