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We conduct ‘Fair Value’ accounting valuations required for financial reporting applying with the Australian Accounting Standards Board.

We value the following asset classes:

  • Land

  • Buildings

  • Structures

  • Improvements


Land Valuers are not required to be licensed by the Commissioner for Consumer and Business Services, however need to be approved by the Commissioner to undertake property valuations at the request of a real estate agent for the purposes of section 24G of the 'Land and Business (Sales and Conveyancing) Act 1994.

  • McLean Gladstone’s Director, Jeremy Carter is an approved Valuer under the Act and has carried out numerous valuations for this purpose in the past.

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Using a Commercial Property Valuation to Buy with More Confidence


Whether you’re buying a property for commercial development or looking to lease a new retail space for your business, a commercial property valuation is an essential yet undervalued step in the process. Just as you wouldn’t buy a home without a thorough inspection and valuation, hiring a commercial property valuer to assess the market price or rental of a property can make the difference between overpaying and getting a bargain price. At McLean Gladstone Valuers, our property consultants are proud to provide this type of commercial valuation service to businesses and individuals throughout South Australia.


The Importance of Hiring a Commercial Valuer

Why is it so important to conduct a commercial real estate valuation when you buy a piece of commercial real estate? Here are a few of the reasons why hiring a commercial valuer as part of your transaction is essential:

  • You get an impartial idea of property value. Many different factors can impact the value of a property, which is essentially just the probable price that the property would feasibly fetch on an open real estate market at any given moment in time. Any buyer will have the motivation to sell their property at a higher-than-market-value price. As such, working with a valuer who can give you an impartial idea of property value is a smart strategy to make sure you don’t overpay for a piece of commercial real estate.

  • You give yourself bargaining power. If the property in question is overpriced, according to our commercial valuation, you can use that information (as well as the more accurate valuation estimate that we provide) to negotiate with the seller for a lower price. In other words, engaging our commercial property valuation services can save you money!

  • Valuation matters to outside players. If you are working with a lender to secure a mortgage to purchase a commercial property, the lender will want to know the market value of the property to determine how much money they are willing to loan you. Loan-to-value ratios matter when it comes to mortgages, which means valuations matter as well. Your insurance providers will also care about how much the property is worth, as that will impact how much coverage your policy should include.


Of course, our valuers are also happy to work with sellers. If you are selling a property, team up with us to make sure you are listing your commercial property for a price that makes sense, given its true market value.


What Sets Us Apart Regarding Commercial Property Valuation Services?

Why should you choose McLean Gladstone Valuers for your commercial real estate valuation needs? We have worked to set ourselves apart from other valuers on the market, in the following ways:

  • Longevity. Our biggest differentiator as a business is our longevity. Our company has been operating for 70 years and has a wealth of experience in commercial-, residential-, legal-, estate valuations and much more. Customers trust our reputation as a business that provides excellence in these spaces, hence our positive word-of-mouth.

  • Diversity of services. As mentioned above, we can provide a wide variety of valuation services for an assortment of reasons. Whether you need a commercial building valuation or a commercial land valuation, we’re there. Whether you are the buyer or the seller, we’re there. We can even carry out market rent reviews to help landlords set fair lease rates or to assist tenants in arguing against unfair rent increases.

  • Flexibility. Ultimately, we work for you and see it as our job to make your life easier. For instance, we do most of our work via phone or email, to simplify the process for the property owner, buyer or seller. We can also turn our valuation assignments around in as little as 48 hours if needed. Our flexibility has been touted as part of the superb customer service we provide and is part of the reason we have been able to remain unbeaten through changing times and shifting client needs.

About McLean Gladstone Valuers

We are a privately-owned independent property valuation company that has been operating continuously since the 1950s. Previously known as R.M. Gladstone Pty. Ltd., the business changed its name in the 1980s and has been operating under the McLean Gladstone Valuers name ever since. Over the years, we have built a reputation for providing exemplary independent and impartial consulting services on matters of property and property valuation. We are an expert in many fields when it comes to property valuation and consulting: from residential and commercial pre-purchase and pre-sale valuations to valuation services that concern insurance, taxation compliances, matrimony, divorce, estates and even brand-new residential subdivisions or commercial developments, 

Contact us today to hire us for a commercial property valuation.

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