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Residential Property Valuer


  1. I am a Senior Value of McLean Gladstone Pty. Ltd. since February 2024 and have the following qualifications

  • Associate Member (AAPI)

  • Justice of the Peace

  • Bachelor of Business (Property) – University of South Australia

  • Associate Diploma in Business (Justice Administration) – University of South Australia.

2. Prior to my appointment to McLean Gladstone I was the Principal of Barry Curzons            Valuations, a valuation business based on the Fleurieu Peninsula and specializing in all      types of valuations across most of South Australia and including Kangaroo Island.

3.  My Professional qualifications are as follows:

  • Graduated 1989 at the South Australian Institute of Technology (now Uni SA) Associate Diploma in Business (Justice Administration)

  • Graduated 2000 University of SA Bachelor of Business (Property)

  • Graduate Member (GAPI) 2002 – Australian Property Institute

  • Associate Member (AAPI) – 2006 - Australian Property Institute

  • Appointed Justice of the Peace - 1985.​

4. I have a background in the public service, particularly in positions within the justice          system, including appointment to Deputy Registrar, Supreme & District Criminal Court        of SA, and have been a Justice of the Peace since 1985. I have been a valuer since          2001 and have gained extensive experience in all types of valuation work in regional      and metropolitan Adelaide, the Fleurieu Peninsula and Kangaroo Island.

    I have been instructed in many matters involving litigation which were likely to proceed      to court hearings and trials. I have previously given evidence in various courts within        the South Australian Judicial system. I am therefore familiar with the role of expert              witness and the requirements of a valuer when proving such.

    My qualifications in property and working within the justice system have given me a          wide range of additional experience and knowledge to assist in my valuation duties.


5.  McLean Gladstone is on the panel of valuers for Beyond Bank Australia, Bank                   SA,Credit Union SA, Credit Unions Australia and the two major Trustee Companies.           Other banks and financiers including Eastwood Securities, Vertex Funds Management,       mortgage lenders including private mortgage lenders accept McLean Gladstone's             valuations. 


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