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Mortgage and Finance
  • In most cases instructions to Valuers to undertake market valuations for mortgage and loan security purposes should be received from the lender and not from the borrower.

  • It is important that the instructions should be between the party relying on the valuation (the lender) and the Valuer. Lenders should issue instructions direct to the Valuer.

  • It is recognised that intending mortgagors (borrowers) may instruct valuers to provide a valuation for borrowing purposes and these valuations are addresses direct to the mortgagors, however can be reassigned to a particular lender.

  • This is generally considered an undesirable practice as lenders may have specific areas that may need to be addressed within the particular valuation.

  • Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we will be able to offer comprehensive advice to best cover your circumstance.