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Residential Property Valuer




1.  Employee of McLean Gladstone Pty. Ltd. since September, 2016.


2.  Professional qualifications are as follows:

  • Graduated with a Degree in Bachelor of Business (Property) in 2010.

  • Member of the Australia Property Institute since 2016.

  • Residential Property Valuer (RPV), 2020.


3.  Dimmity was employed as a Buyer Manager at Harris Real Estate. Her role was               to maintain new, current and past clientele, build and maintain                                       relationships, generate new and repeat business, prepare documents, conduct                 open house inspections and any negotiations. Market research was an important             role in this job.

4.  McLean Gladstone is on the panel of valuers for Beyond Bank Australia, Bank SA,             Credit Union SA, Credit Unions Australia and the two major Trustee Companies.               Other banks and financiers including Eastwood Securities, Vertex Funds                           Management , mortgage lenders including private mortgage lenders accept                     McLean Gladstone's valuations. 



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